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Artist Management

As  the leaders in Event and Artist management with years of experience in front of and behind the scenes collectively, EnterTTech promotes and creates environments of inclusion and success.
Spanning years of evolving talents and opportunities, EnterTTech embraces and adapts to the ever adjusting situations and circumstances for its clients and events alike. Give us the opportunity to stand with you as you evolve as a Brand, in person and event.


Our Story

EnterTTech LLC founded in 2017, is the brain child of Entertainment / Tech entrepreneur Dwayne Sparks. Founded on the principles of proven business practices within the entertainment industry, EnterTTech delivers the tools to make our clients strive. With over 20 years of experience in entertainment, tv, music and technology, EnterTTech's clients has amassed assets in excess of $200 million.

Our Vision

 As a Conglomerate EnterTTech engages and retains IT, Management, Marketing, and Entertainment Professionals who work in unison to provide a 360 degree approach to finding solutions to not only to create and development new start-ups, but energize and renew preexisting companies and brands in both private and public sector industries on behalf of EnterTTech. 


EnterTTech is the epitome of when Entertainment meets Technology. With both dedicated and specialized Entertainment and Technology divisions, EnterTTech areas of focus and specialization are in Music, Sports, Film, Television, Artist Business Management, Technology, Business processes, Project development/ implementation, IT services, Website development, Social Media Marketing. 

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