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Dwayne Sparks

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T1 Sports Academy

T1 Sports Academy mentor, train, and equip our student athletes from elementary through college. We provide them with a foundation support system that yields brotherhood, accountability, and ownership of their actions and decisions. By achieving this we are creating a more responsible and focused student athlete, which will result in better students, more responsible children, and highly disciplined athletes.



Aerial Entertainment

Providing Classy, Playful, Awe-Inspiring aerial acrobatic performances, specially catered to the client's events and needs.  


From ideation to inception, we walk you through an in-depth consultation process.  AEM ensures the complete satisfaction of our customers by taking full consideration of the facility, event theme, and price range.

Making fantasies become a reality.



T1 Sports Management

T1 Sports Management handle athlete's carrier and business. 

Manage media relationship and organize promotional events.



America's got talent semifinalist.

Halftime Talent For LA Lakers NBA
Fashion Week Performer IIjin clothing Brand
Midnight Madness Talent NCAA
Glastonbury Glastonbury
Halftime Talent for Oklahoma City Thunder NBA

Available for special guest appearances contact us.



Falcon Media Group

Successful screenwriter, producer, and director, with total gross exceeding $450 million • Creator of Barber Shop series, which is the largest grossing urban film franchise of all time, based in part on $75 million box office gross for initial movie • Deep and direct Hollywood/industry connections and ability to attract top talent and studios/distribution partners

Digital social media

Founded in 2017 and based in Silicon Valley, California, Studio8Network is a digital platform that empowers film enthusiasts, creative film industry people and film industry professionals to harness the power of the social network effect in a way that provides superior independent film, TV and film talents the exposure they rightfully deserve.


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